Guest house in Rome with bed and breakfast service in the center of Rome
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Rome - The Palatine 20 minutes by public transportation from QuodLibet

In the Aeneid, Virgil tells of the amazing adventure of the Greeks who, having immigrated from Arcadia under the guidance of the Minor Deity Evander and his son Pallas, are lead to settle on one of the seven hills of Rome, the Palatine. According to Roman mythology, the Palatine was the birth-place of Romulus and Remus, the twin brothers suckled and raised by the she-wolf who were to become the founders of Rome. Shrouded in legend and steeped in history, the Palatine Hill is a place of enchantment. Evoking images of the ancient abodes of imperial rulers and the subsequent Farnese gardens, this spelling-binding cradle of civilization today is an open-air museum. The vestiges of the past are immersed in luxuriant vegetation unfolding over the hill’s slopes from where an all-embracing panorama of the archaeological remains below may be fully enjoyed.

The Palatine, which is one of the most fascinating places of Rome, can be reached from QuodLibet bed and breakfast in 20 minutes using the metro system. Just take the underground one block away from the B&B, and exit at Colosseo stop (you have to change line at Termini). Good walkers can also cross the whole city centre and reach the Palatine area in 40 – 45 minutes

QuodLibet Rome Guest House offering bed and breakfast service
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