Rome bed and breakfast service at QuodLibet, a charming guest house by the Vatican, in the center of Rome
bed and breakfast Rome QuodLibet
Review written by ASB from Australia who wrote this post on 05/11/2014
Score: 10/10
This guest spent his holiday in bed and breakfast in Rome at Quodlibet on: 4/2014

This B&B is amazing. Spent a month travelling around Europe and QuodLibet was easily the best. Great value for money, excellent rooms, great service & good location. The first night I was there I was thinking 'Whats the catch?' But there wasn't one. If you book a couple of nights here, you wont regret it.

Bed and breakfast Rome

QuodLibet Rome Guest House offering bed and breakfast service
Via Barletta, 29 - 00192 - Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 347 1222642 - (+39) 347 3355160 - (+39) 328 9617400
Authorization Number 5729 (June 9, 2011) - 3rd cathegory
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