Rome bed and breakfast service at QuodLibet, a charming guest house by the Vatican, in the center of Rome
bed and breakfast Rome QuodLibet
Review written by Time Traveler's Wife from United States who wrote this post on 02/07/2013
Score: 10/10
This guest spent his holiday in bed and breakfast in Rome at Quodlibet on: 1/2013

We LOVED QuodLibet for a bunch of reasons. Location - it is located in a quiet part of West Rome, a short walk from the Vatican, a 2 minute walk from the Metro. Great location, easy access, quiet when you want quiet. And, it's upstairs from a 24 hour pastry bakery. Accommodations - the room we had was lovely. Well appointed, very clean, excellent bathroom, great big bed, TV with English. Nothing second rate about any of it. Staff - Gianluca and Agostino were most helpful, responsive, charming, and available. When we needed them, we sent an email, and got a call back within minutes. Their English is perfect, and they are attuned to U.S. culture. Very easy to talk to. They gave us all the time we needed. We never felt rushed or that there was someone more important they needed to get to. Nothing like working with a concierge in a hotel - they were much, much better, and very knowledgeable. Food - breakfasts were generous, delicious (in part, from the bakery downstairs), and served in the bedroom. Price - they beat the competition on price. Very good value. We would have no hesitation staying at QuodLibet next time we visit Rome.

Bed and breakfast Rome

QuodLibet Rome Guest House offering bed and breakfast service
Via Barletta, 29 - 00192 - Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 347 1222642 - (+39) 347 3355160 - (+39) 328 9617400
Authorization Number 5729 (June 9, 2011) - 3rd cathegory
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