Rome bed and breakfast service at QuodLibet, a charming guest house by the Vatican, in the center of Rome
bed and breakfast Rome QuodLibet
Review written by Bogdan-RO from Romania who wrote this post on 10/23/2012
Score: 9/10
This guest spent his holiday in bed and breakfast in Rome at Quodlibet on: 10/2012

Location very easy to find with a GPS. Parking possibilities on the streets around the location - yet it could be difficult to find a free parking spot if arriving at rush-our (I came at 8 p.m. and it was easy for me to park). No sign on the street that in that big house is QuodLibet. From the street, you have to enter into a yard with 3 different entrances, again no clear sign where is QuodLibet. After passing through the correct door, you enter in a corridor with elevator. No sign that QuodLibet is at the 4th floor. Once arriving in the right place, everything becomes easy, pleasant and comfortable. Gianluca gave me all the information I needed, made some dinner recommendations and provided a free map of Rome, highlighting all the relevant places to visit and the best routes. Breakfast was very generous, room was very clean and spacious. A pleasent stay, definitely worth recommending it. The only weak point is to find the building and then to find QuodLibet inside the building. Once you found it, everything is nice and easy.

Bed and breakfast Rome

QuodLibet Rome Guest House offering bed and breakfast service
Via Barletta, 29 - 00192 - Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 347 1222642 - (+39) 347 3355160 - (+39) 328 9617400
Authorization Number 5729 (June 9, 2011) - 3rd cathegory
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