Rome bed and breakfast service at QuodLibet, a charming guest house by the Vatican, in the center of Rome
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Review written by Tommy from United States who wrote this post on 10/19/2012
Score: 10/10
This guest spent his holiday in bed and breakfast in Rome at Quodlibet on: 10/2012

We had a wonderful 4 night stay at Quodlibet in early October. Our room had everything we could want, including a large flat screen tv we turned on just once - too much to see and do in Rome. Our room was comfortable, plenty of room and best of all came with a great wide window with a great view which let in the fresh October air ' lucky us the weather was perfect, in the mid-seventies. We're early risers, and every morning at 8:30 I'd open my door and across the hall into the open room which adjoined the kitchen. I would say Buon giorna to Lissette or whoever was there and remind them coffee for myself and tea for my wife that morning. In a few minutes the table in our room was set in front of our now open window with our morning breakfast. In Rome you usually close windows at night for sleep for the quiet - during our 3 days in Venice this was not so necessary of course as traffic is nonexistent, though it's much chillier. Upon arriving at Quodlibet from FCO airport we were met by Gianluca. What a great host! Gianluca took the time to give us an orientation of the neighborhood and of Rome. Giving us a map Gianluca pointed out local landmarks, some restaurants, and tips on getting around the Ottaviano Metro stop is just a block away and the Vatican just a 10 minute walk. Our plan was to visit the Vatican the following day. I knew it would be best to get our tickets ahead of time to avoid the queue. I also had had another concern which was arranging get to train tickets to Venice where we had reservations four days hence. Gianluca was so helpful and we are so very appreciative that he was able to get on his computer and accomplish both of these things for us. All my chief concerns, everything taken care of in our first hour upon arriving and we were now free to enjoy Roma. Plus Gianluca found a train that saved 50% on our train fare by leaving an hour or so later in the day. I would like to thank Gianluca and all at Quodlibet for their wonderful hospitality . I want to note how much Gianluca impressed upon us how safe a city Rome is and that we should feel absolutely free to go anywhere without worry. This we took to heart and found to be true. It was much too our surprise that we found ourselves later that evening around 8:30 pm, enjoying a so delicious Roma Pizza at our ristorante table adjacent to Piazza Navona. A surprise because I didn't think we could walk so far in such a short time and a surprise because after an eight hour flight I thought we would be dead to the world. But we had a nice siesta after lunch - a practice which we adopted in no time flat, either because we're very adaptable people or simply because we're very old people since we are celebrating a 60th birthday. We walked over the Ponte Sant Angelo Bridge to get to Piazza Navona, down a dark road and before long arriving at the avenue by the bridge. Suddenly a great crowd of people were converging from all directions. All out for the traditional Italian evening walk known as "passeggiata". I don't think we would have made here that first evening had not Gianluca given us maps and shown us various walks and impressed on us that we were entirely safe walking about Rome at night. I thought Quodlibet the best we could have found for location and value. We walked to the Spanish steps the next day and the day after that we took the Metro a few stops further to the Republica stop as a starting point for entering the ancient walk to the Palantine and Colosseum. For are next time in Rome there is no debate about where we will stay. It will be Quodlibet.

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