Rome bed and breakfast service at QuodLibet, a charming guest house by the Vatican, in the center of Rome
bed and breakfast Rome QuodLibet
Review written by Fam from United States who wrote this post on 04/15/2012
Score: 10/10
This guest spent his holiday in bed and breakfast in Rome at Quodlibet on: 4/2012

Quodlibet was exactly as promised. Beautiful and spacious room for three. Huge breakfasts that kept us going well into lunch time. Quality support from the staff, kind help, suggestions that made our time in Rome so much better. The staff really took a lot of time with us over the course of the four days that we stayed. The location was great for us because we were planning on using public transportation and our feet so it was perfect. 24 hour bakery downstairs was also very nice. I also wake up much earlier than my travel companions and it was nice to have access to the kitchen to sit and read and drink coffee while waiting for people to wake up.

Bed and breakfast Rome

QuodLibet Rome Guest House offering bed and breakfast service
Via Barletta, 29 - 00192 - Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 347 1222642 - (+39) 347 3355160 - (+39) 328 9617400
Authorization Number 5729 (June 9, 2011) - 3rd cathegory
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